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Meet the Hosts 


Kelly Washington is an actress, writer, podcast host and all around weirdo theater kid. Known for her role of ‘mini-leslie knope’ from Parks and Recreation, Jurassic World and more, the only thing she’s been obsessed with *longer* than acting has been Disney. A self described ‘real life Tinkerbell’, whatever that means, when she’s not rewatching Disney musicals, she’s making her way to the theme parks. Her favorite ride? The Haunted Mansion. Favorite Disney food? Anything made without corn. Her favorite person to annoy with trivia about Disney? The author of this bio and co-host of Slice of Disney… Will Lentz.


William Slayden Lentz, aka Will Lentz: casual Disney goer, is from Paducah, Kentucky, and currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. Working for KSR (Kentucky Sports Radio), and continuing his creative ventures in Los Angeles, Will has performed in Improv Comedy, and continued to write. Finding his voice and love of storytelling through podcasting, he has freelanced produced shows for multiple companies - all while working hard producing and hosting many of his own (Ready Set Fail, Finding my Yum, DplusCAST, and Slice of Disney). Having dreams of bringing the podcast community together and highlighting the wonderful indie podcasts that might get lost in the mix, Will has a heart of gold and always loves to help others (though he may not admit it). However, Will will admit he’s an avid Survivor fan and dreams of being on the show one day. He also loves sports and plays a lot of Pickleball, so if you’re down to talk about college basketball or hit up the pickleball courts, Will is your new best friend. 

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